Why the Resilience Project?

Recruitment, Retention and Resilience are intertwined and have become the new Three Rs. If we accept that Recruitment is hard, then Retention becomes that much more important. If Retention is hard, then Resilience becomes the key. Put simply, we need to start more conversations in school about well-being and Resilience. Luckily, The Resilience Project can do just that and can provide you with multiple ways to start this vital dialogue.

Firstly, I have published three books for teachers:

LIFT! – Going Up If Teaching Gets You Down

RISK: Signposting better choices to more adventurous teaching

SPIN: Time and task management in teaching

Each book offers 39 ways (one for each week in the academic year) to start a conversation about resilience in general, its impact on decision making and on how to manage your to do list. They are all designed to provoke reflection that in turn will lead to a discussion about staff well-being.

You can listen to a sample chapter of each on the links below:
LIFT! is now available on Audible. Narrated by me, and shared to help teachers cope with the challenges they face. Have a listen to a sample of LIFT! on Audible.

Secondly, ‘The Resilience Project’ can offer support through consultancy with myself. In the ‘How I Deliver’ section, I highlight the benefits of working in this way and how it can spark a conversation in the workplace; through staff meetings, INSET provision or 1-2-1 coaching.

Thirdly, I have written some online CPD material for teachers through Discovery Education (endorsed by NAHT) and Anspear (endorsed by NASBTT). Both are subscription-based websites and you can enquire about them by following the links.

Click the image below to get a taster of my resilience course for Discovery.
Click the image below to see my interview with Andrew Hammond where I introduce the concept of IF, OUR and WHEN: